Period Instruments Workshop

This panel describes the 2019 Workshop.
Covid 19 compelled
us to cancel for 2020.

Side-by-side with the singers workshop will again be the workshop for aspiring players of period instruments.  

Liamna Pestana and Daniel Yost (who perform as Tropos, this year will lead a four-day introduction to playing the lute, vihuela, and four-course guitar and to performing the music of various Renaissance dance forms on these plucked instruments.  Period instruments, constructed by luthier Daniel Yost, will be available to participants, and participants are welcome to bring along their own modern guitars (or period instruments, if they have them).  The workshop will consider theory as well as practice, including reading French and Italian tablature, improvising divisions, playing continuo and playing accompaniment.  The workshop instrumental ensemble will perform on Sunday afternoon along with the workshop choral ensemble. 

Liamna Pestana and Daniel Yost, husband and wife, specialize in  the Renaissance and Baroque music of  Spain and Latin America.  Liamna and Daniel came to the U.S. in 2016 from Argentina, where they were known as choral conductors, teachers and researchers into early music repertoire as well as performers.  Daniel, an accomplished luthier, has hand-crafted the period instruments they both play.  Much more information about Liamna and Daniel is at their lovely website

 Experience on the guitar or anither plucked instrument will be helpful, but  previous playing experience is not strictly necessary.

 The Syracuse Sounds of Music Association provided a generous grant to Tropos for constructing instruments, and Liamna and Daniel are most grateful.

 Early contact with Karen Nezelek or with Liamna Pestana is strongly recommended.  Contact information is on the Registration page.  


Tuition, venue (Grace Church) and schedule are the same as for the singers workshop.  Tuition waiver is available for students, as described on the Main Workshop page.


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Plectrum techniques. Creating accompaniments with melodic, intervallic and rhythmic elements. Improvisation.  Prerequisite:  experience on the guitar (but only a little is necessary)

Two students.

Tromba Marina:

The rhetorical element. Improvising cells.

Prerequisite:  experience on a bowed instrument will be useful, but not strictly necessary.

One student.



Prerequisite:  experience on a bowed instrument will be useful, but not strictly necessary.


One student.

Anglo Saxon Lyre:

Accompaniment, ensemble playing and improvisation.

Prerequisite: experience on the guitar or piano will be helpful, but not strictly necessary.

One student.

Renaissance guitar
Building chords and employing rhythm and melody.  Different kinds of strumming.

Prerequisite:  experience on the guitar will be helpful, but not strictly necessary.

One student.  Additional students who can bring their own modern guitars will be welcome.